Founder & CEO

Katherine is our fearless leader. In her role as founder and CEO of The Mom Complex, she dedicates her life to making the lives of mothers easier while helping the largest companies in the world, such as Walmart, Johnson & Johnson, Chobani and Baby Dove, better understand and support their mom customers and employees. In her latest venture, Katherine combines 10+ years of groundbreaking research on motherhood with her own personal journey in her popular book Slay Like a Mother. Parade magazine named it one of the “top 10 life-changing self-help books of the year” and Katherine’s research has been featured by The Today Show, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and Fast Company. She is a recipient of the “Working Mother of the Year” award by the Advertising Women of New York, the “Outstanding Woman” award from the YWCA and a “Woman of the Decade” award from the Women’s Economic Forum in India.



Lauren is the boss of the business. Her stunning ability to build meaningful client partnerships and forge new frontiers is admired by global brands such as Walmart, LEGO, Kellogg’s, PricewaterhouseCoopers and Kimberly Clark,as well as national non-profits like Hearing First, The YWCA and The Children’s Hospital at VCU. The subtle but substantial secret behind her ability to drive teams to remarkable new heights is the fact that she believes in people and people believe in her. She’s created better products and experiences for mothers across every business sector imaginable including retail, food manufacturing, entertainment, health care, and travel & tourism. As an avid runner, outstanding cook, volunteer for at-risk teens and mother of two, her hands might be full, but never more full than her heart.



Julie is our resident expert on all things retail. A seasoned executive with 27 years of industry experience spanning brand and shopper marketing, sales, multi-unit operations, large organization and P&L leadership, she’s visionary, strategic and an inspirational leader, consistently demonstrating her ability to unlock topline growth of mature but underperforming businesses in both product and service sectors. Prior to starting her own strategic consulting firm and joining The Mom Complex, she was CEO of the experiential marketing agency, Shopper Events, and spent 24 years at Procter & Gamble. When she’s not developing high-performance organizations and transforming operating cultures for sustainable results, she’s busy raising four young men and basically being the bravest woman we know.


Director of Engagement

Emma is our operational engine. She is considered by everyone to be the go-to gal. The woman who knows how to get it done, no matter what “it” is. Her impressive track record of managing projects, deadlines, schedules, vendors and budgets, while ensuring her Fortune 500 clients are always happy and heard, is superseded only by her quick wit and grace under fire. When she’s not impressing business leaders across the country, she’s likely helping aspiring Richmond entrepreneurs realize their dreams, practicing rocket yoga, reading four books at once, or in the kitchen finding new ways to eat cheese for dinner (she hails from Wisconsin).

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Director of Strategy

Lacy is our strategy powerhouse. She’s a pro when it comes to distilling the nuances and complexities of consumer insights into actionable frameworks clients can actually use. Prior to joining The Mom Complex, she honed her brand strategy and innovation skills at Redscout in New York City, consulting for Fortune 500 clients across categories from baby to booze, including SC Johnson, PepsiCo, Miller-Coors, Jet.com and Kate Spade (her personal favorite). When she’s not brainstorming new products and services with our Maverick Moms, Lacy is planning her next vacation (she has a serious case of wanderlust).


Creative Director

Krista is our creative Swiss Army Knife. She’s who we turn to find new solutions to how we interface with moms, serve up insights to our clients, and continue to adapt and evolve in relevant digital spaces. Never one to back down from a challenge, Krista thrives on solving problems through smart design, clever use of technology, and, oftentimes, sheer willpower, and a positive attitude. Her downtime is spent creating new culinary masterpieces out of vegetables (yup, she’s vegan), staying up-to-date on the newest binge-worthy show, or in the park with her dog enjoying the Denver sunshine.



Bre is our resident investigator. Her affinity for interpersonal connection makes diving into research a welcomed challenge. She has the ability to pinpoint and connect with the most personal aspects of the family experience while identifying trends in consumer behavior that provide clients with strategic actions for their business. When she is not talking to moms or devouring hours of TikTok videos, she is searching for fresh experiences. You may find her reading the next NYT bestselling book, enjoying the great outdoors, or looking for her next adventure.


Director of Engagement, Slay Like A Mother

Kathy is our Hostess with the Mostess. With over 32 years of marketing and advertising experience, she is always prepared — not only with Plan A, but plans B, C, and D should we need them. From small nonprofits to Fortune 500 companies, every client is equal and deserving of her time and attention. She remains ready for anything, whether it be managing large-scale events, organizing intimate meetings, or making sure every Zoom webinar goes off without a hitch. The team can always rest assured that her passion for creating memorable experiences will make the work shine. She’s continually involved playing double duty backing up The Mom Complex team and changing lives by managing all things Slay Like a Mother. Kathy stays busy spending quality time spoiling her four incredible grandchildren that keep her heart full of joy.